ASK BETTER Questions, 
Build shared clarity

with your team, clients, and communities. 


Humans aren't designed
to do it all alone.

Most people never realize how much more they could achieve with a strong community.

When you discover your innate ability to build the community you need, however, you help everyone achieve more.

Start building a higher level of connection.

The Free
Connection Challenge

Improve the way you approach everyday interactions through 4 weeks and 60 conversations that will help you discover a higher level of connectedness.


Discover an approach to building connection in yourself, that will transform your ability to find, develop, and grow your community.


Start raising the level of connectedness your community, organization and family needs with a program designed for leaders and change-makers.

When people work to see the value in each other, the world becomes a better place.

If you believe that statement, then you share our purpose.

At Finding Good, we know that building the world we need in the future can't happen if we don't see how much we need each other in the present.

I hope you'll join us. Because that world needs you.

Brian Fretwell, Founder of Finding Good

Who we serve...


Build customer relationships by strengthening trust and confidence; energize client follow-through and invest in their big decisions.


Reduce burnout, increase engagement, and deepen trust by knowing what questions to ask and when. Build teams that realize the potential of each individual to achieve more together.

Therapists + Coaches

Accelerate client growth by providing tools to use in and out of therapy sessions that expedite self-discovery and potential.

Teachers + Parents

Form the right questions for our young people to feel accepted. Support children to believe in themselves, communicate challenges more productively, and build confidence.

It's hard to achieve your potential, if you're constantly running from bears.

Our brains naturally prioritize threats (like bears!)
When we feel disconnected, our daily 'threats' of uncertainty, doubt, and change, can become all we see.

Our ability to see possibilities, however, increases exponentially when we feel connected. At Finding Good, we help people build the clarity, confidence, and certainty that comes with connection.  


We don't ask what went wrong, we ask what went right.

Here's how we do it.

Here's how we do it.

Finding Good is redefining LISTENING to change how we converse, relive experiences, and connect.

This neuroscience-based communication framework is designed to strengthen relationships, reveal potential, and build confidence through a question-based conversation method.

Change-makers around the world are rewiring their brain with the Finding Good framework to ask questions that clarify value and build trust in relationships that matter most.

Through the resources of our Finding Good framework, community, custom keynotes, workshops, and certification program we help you ask questions that build connection.

Where it all began...

The seeds of Finding Good were planted two decades ago during founder Brian Fretwell’s time as a teacher working in juvenile corrections.

By experimenting with better ways to connect with and support his students in crisis, Brian discovered something: asking the right questions instead of “giving all the answers” allowed him to reach even the most guarded students.

What Our Community is Saying

Steven Wells
Billings, Montana

“Anyone who has genuine concern and empathy for others should join Finding Good.

Finding Good has helped me strengthen my relationships, and have more meaningful communication and conversations that are less focused on what’s going wrong and more focused on what’s going well.”

Catherine Fratianni Guevara
Albany, New York

“Finding Good is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth with a warm and welcoming community.

The methodology is valuable in any interaction I come across – with a friend who had a challenging trip she was worried about, while trying to get to know my new scientist boss…

The best thing I can say is that you just have to try it yourself and see how it works!”

John Totten
Sandpoint, Idaho

“There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t apply what I’ve learned through Finding Good in my life. 

It always helps me build connections and break down barriers quickly — whether with a group of children, my sister who I disagree with a lot, the vets with PTSD I work with who tend not to want to say much, or even a stranger.”

The best thing I can say is that you just have to try it yourself and see how it works!”

Crystal Wilson
VP of Employee Development at Dairy West

"Finding Good created the pause I needed and has had a lasting impact.

The workshop helped me think about how I approach conversations and connection. I have more meaningful conversations, feel like I know people better, and have deepened relationships since attending the session."