The Certification

Master the Art and Science of Connection.

Everyone knows how connection feels, few know how to create it.

Discover the connection you can create for others.

Next Cohort
Starts June 6th

Every other Thursday @
12 PM MT (2 PM ET)

Join a growing community of leaders and change makers helping entire communities see the value in each other. 

The Finding Good Certification has been developed to help individuals and businesses break the cycle of disconnection.

Using our Question-Based-Conversation methodology, you tap into the more natural, engaging, and powerful way our brains are designed to connect.

The program is designed to break you out of transactional conversation patterns, where you'll begin building trust, connection, and engagement more consistently.

The result is an ability to develop connections that are fit for a purpose and mutually beneficial.

After completing The Certification Program, you will be authorized to provide services and lead your communities using Finding Good methods.

In our disconnected world, knowing how to build the trust, validation, and understanding that comes with connection, is more important than ever.

Join our community of people
transforming their lives and businesses.

Jeannine Pohl Block Studios
"Being part of the online membership provided a consistent source of learning and growth. The weekly practice sessions were instrumental in honing my skills, but the real turning point came with the Transformational Listening Certification. Two hours a week over Zoom may seem like a commitment, but the payoff was beyond measure.
Learning the art of asking purposeful questions has become an invaluable skill that I am committed to implementing for a lifetime. It's a simple truth – when we ask more valuable questions, we receive more valuable answers. Brian Fretwell and Finding Good have not only enhanced my professional abilities but have also left an indelible mark on the way I navigate and cherish the relationships in my life. I am immensely grateful for this transformative journey."

The Certification Process

Earn a Certificate

The Finding Good team connects with each certification candidate with an onboarding call to outline your goals, how to use the program, and schedule your first few sessions.

Sessions are attended in cohorts to develop a community to create connection. With this cohort you learn the framework, practice, and apply the concepts to your current unique challenges.

Complete 40 hours of education, workshops and application sessions in 10 modules attended every other week. Leave ready to transform our business, your community, and your life.

Continue with lifetime access to our community, platform, and programs. Additional opportunities to facilitate and guide the community is available when your certification is complete.

Four Stages of
Story Modules

  • 4 modules
  • Education-based
  • Live & recorded
  • Every other week


  • 5 Sessions
  • Education-based
  • Live & recorded
  • Every other week

Live Story

  • 2 Sessions
  • Application-based
  • Live only
  • Weekly Sign Ups


  • 10 Sessions
  • Application-based
  • Live only
  • Weekly Sign Ups


  • 2 Sessions
  • Application-based
  • Live only
  • As Scheduled
  • Build community with other participants while improving your listening skills.
  • Access workshops as often as you want, live or recorded, to reinforce learning.
  • Utilize comprehensive conversation guides, application activities, and outlines designed to put your new skills into practice quickly.

Transform your business, your relationships, and your life.

Through the Finding Good Certification process you'll learn how to give your clients what they really need to trust you with their biggest dreams and what your team needs to stay engaged through their toughest challenges. Along the way you'll also develop a clarity and curiosity about your own potential that will transform the way you see yourself.

In the midst of the pandemic, when helping people feel connected was more important and more difficult than ever, we started an expriment that began changing lives through simple changes in conversations. Three years after those initial conversations we've developed a methodology for creating the social connection that all brains require in relationships, businesses, and communities. Through thousands of real life conversations and years of research, we now have a framework that thousands of people use to transform conversations and communities everyday.

Through this certification process you'll learn to apply these brain-based and real-world-tested tools. You'll build the confidence needed to drive sustainable change professionally and personally. And, by joining a community of change-makers who are actively transforming their communities, you'll always have the support and connection of the Finding Good Community.

Reach out to a Finding Good Team member to see if this program is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment?

Financial Investment: $3,500

Time Investment: Over the course of 6 months, you'll have a minimum of 30 hours of programs. Actual participation time varies from 30 hours to 100+ depending on the individual's level of personal engagement.

Am I limited to the 10 Story Exchanges, 4 Modules, 5 FIRES Sessions, and 2 Strategy Sessions, or can I go to more?

Come to as many as you like and can fit into your schedule! Those requirements are the minimum and we find those who participate in more sessions get so much more out of the Certification because they have a new lens after applying our framework in the 'real world'.

Can I use the Finding Good materials and resources at my place of work?

Please do! Everything we have is meant for you to take & use in the environment where you want to create connection. We can even help you figure out how to use those materials most effectively in our Strategy Sessions or Coaching Sessions.

Is there self study/homework required?

Throughout the educational modules, you'll be assigned homework with a partner to practice! There are plenty of extra resources, recordings, and content available for your continued education and use outside of the Certification.

What kind of folks usually go through the Certification?

We have a wide range of folks with the shared intention of creating better connections. Teachers, professors, consultants, coaches, realtors, mortgage brokers, financial planners, community leaders, company leaders, human resources professionals, and the list goes on!

What happens when I'm done with my certification?

You'll have access to our platform, sessions, and materials for life! We are regularly evolving and invite you to stay for the ride. 

There are also opportunities for mutual support in future programming, we invite you to set up your own sessions with our support AND/OR you can be one of our facilitators.

Do you have a brochure or materials in PDF form so I can bring this to my boss for approval?

Yes! Please reach out with the form above and we'll happily send them over.