The Finding Good Community

Talking about the important stuff, when it matters most, can be hard.

When you have a community of people around you actively working to find new and better ways to have more meaningful conversations at work, at home, and in their community, it gets much easier.

We're building a first-of-its-kind Community where you don't just get access to resources, practice sessions, and live events, you'll be helping build more of those opportunities for others.

Define the Impact You Want to Make. If you're looking to bring the practice into your own life...

MEMBERS: Connect with a community working to create, refine, and utilize resources that fit your unique challenges.

CERTIFICATION GUIDE: Bring the methodology to the world as a coach, manager, HR, or Speaker and connect with a community working to build the tools you need to present, facilitate, and incorporate the process in the groups you want to influence.

Let's build a world where talking about the important stuff helps everyone feel heard.

Level Price  
Transformational Listening Certification $3,500.00 now. Select
Member $5.00 now and then $20.00 per Month. Select

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