The Connection Challenge

You're invited to the most important "challenge" you might ever participate in.

We need connection like we need food and water.

Our brains handle disconnection the same way it handles physical pain - by diverting it's resources, energy, and focus on fixing the problem and away from anything else. 

8-Week Connection Challenge

Live Sessions 1x/week for 1 hour

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This free, facilitated, 8-week challenge supports your practice to create intentional connection that will increase your energy, resilience, and focus.

Become part of a vibrant community participating in weekly, one-hour live sessions led by Finding Good experts. Engage in activities, conversations, and exercises that not only provide exciting challenges each week, but also form the groundwork for meaningful connections that will integrate into your daily conversations.

Share your experience and challenge your community

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Share your experience with the Connection Challenge on social media and challenge a friend, co-worker, or family member to level up their communication, listening, and connection practices.

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