Finding Value in Strengths

We all benefit from each other’s strengths.

Think of all of the things we get to do on a daily basis that are possible because of someone else’s strengths. From the lighting in your house to the apps on your phone to the relief you feel with a friend that listens well, other peoples’ strengths are constantly making our lives easier.

While it’s easy to see how someone else’s strengths are making our lives easier, it can be quite difficult to pinpoint exactly where our strengths benefited someone else. Which is why asking this week’s question to someone you are close to can be so beneficial to them.

Identifying Where We Add Value

We’ve been trained to wait for someone else to answer for us, to give us feedback, and tell us if or where we are providing value. Identifying, out loud, where or how we might have helped someone can be both scary and just plain difficult.

But not being able to identify where we add value can lead us to believe we don’t bring value to others. And not only is that not true, it can be a very debilitating mindset for someone you love.

This question can help them make that connection. Given this is a tougher question, you might have to ask to identify a couple of their strengths and talk about where they might have benefited someone. Or you can start with the interactions they’ve had with others and see where they might have utilized a strength.

The more clearly we see the connection between our strengths and value, the more we’ll all benefit from each other’s strengths. Spend a little time this week helping someone else make that connection. You might just find you discover where your own strengths have provided value to others as well.

You can tell someone they have value, but getting them to say it out loud will more likely lead them to believe it.

With the right question, and a little time finding good, you can help make that happen.