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I realized this week that I'm running out of time.
Since starting this business, I've wanted to give it away.

Simply put, the sense of validation, clarity, and confidence that people create with each other on our weekly sessions is something everyone should experience.

But, like most business owners, I believed that we'd do that once we hit certain revenue numbers or some level of profitability.

In short, I was waiting to "give it away" until we could afford it.

And then, just like so many people have experienced in our live sessions, my perspective was changed with a question.

"What would make you the most proud about what you're doing the soonest?"

It was a question one of our members asked me.

And, as powerful as the question was, the answer to the question came almost automatically. Giving it away.

If I've learned anything over the last year, it's the importance of doing the things that really matter while you have the chance.

Because of this question, and that realization, starting next week we'll be offering a FREE Finding Good Watch Session and a FREE Finding Good live session.

That's right, all you have to do is sign up and show up.

We'll be using the original question "In the last week, what went well because of you?" and sharing the science behind it, discussing the importance of it, and giving people access to the tools behind the Finding Good model.

We still need to make money. Which we'll do through our basics course, the membership, and both private and group coaching options.

But that won't keep us from giving it away.

Not anymore.

Because we're running out of time. Which makes right now the best time to do something really meaningful.

I hope to see you next week.