Finding Good is Transforming Listening

Inspiring Learning, Growth, and Change with the Science of Connection

People are changing the questions they ask, improving their ability to connect, and discovering the positive influence they have with others. 


Senior Leadership, Managers, and Team Leads are reducing burnout, increasing engagement, and building trust by learning what questions to ask and when.


Relationship-driven salespeople are increasing retention and confidence in their clients by learning to recognize when a client truly feels heard and how to create that experience.


Teachers, Parents, Counselors, and Coaches are discovering the right questions to help others feel connected, accepted, and believe in themselves. 

Because the price of disconnection is higher than most realize.

Customers leave when they don't feel understood.

Employees quit when they don't feel validated.

Teams dissolve when they don't feel appreciated.

Partners drift when habits replace curiosity.

Kids stop talking when they don't feel heard.

Build tools of connection at a level that works for you.

Develop skills of connection with others that are supported by guides, videos, and live practice sessions in the Finding Good Community. 

Increase your impact and influence in relationships that matter the most with the Transformational Listening Certification Program.

Turn conferences, retreats or company trainings into a Transformational Experience that leave teams with next steps.

What Our Community is Saying

Steven Wells
Billings, Montana

“Anyone who has genuine concern and empathy for others should join Finding Good.

Finding Good has helped me strengthen my relationships, and have more meaningful communication and conversations that are less focused on what’s going wrong and more focused on what’s going well.”

Catherine Fratianni Guevara
Albany, New York

“Finding Good is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth with a warm and welcoming community.

The methodology is valuable in any interaction I come across – with a friend who had a challenging trip she was worried about, while trying to get to know my new scientist boss…

The best thing I can say is that you just have to try it yourself and see how it works!”

Jon Totten
Sandpoint, ID

“There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t apply what I’ve learned through Finding Good in my life. 

It always helps me build connections and break down barriers quickly — whether with a group of children, my sister who I disagree with a lot, the vets with PTSD I work with who tend not to want to say much, or even a stranger.”

Crystal Wilson
VP Employee Development, Dairy West

"Finding Good created the pause I needed and has had a lasting impact.

The workshop helped me think about how I approach conversations and connection. I have more meaningful conversations, feel like I know people better, and have deepened relationships since attending the session."

You already have the tools.

Finding Good is a Neuroscience - Based Communication Framework designed to strengthen relationships, reveal potential, and build confidence.

We help change-makers around the world
start with connection, ask questions that clarify value, and build Trust in the Relationships that matter most.

Through the Resources of our Finding Good Community, custom Keynotes and Workshops, and the Transformational Listening Experience we want to help you Ask the Questions that Build Connection.

Teams are feeling valued and effective

Leaders, coaches, and salespeople aren't just changing the questions they ask… they're changing lives. 

  • Leaders are building more engaged, connected, and resilient teams through real validation instead of pizza parties.
  • Relationship-based salespeople are building trust faster with less talking.
  • Coaches and Consultants are using the framework with their clients to fast track client progress.

By breathing new life into everyday conversations, our  relationships and organizations become a source of renewed energy, resilience, and hope.