How Have You Already Improved in 2022?

Weeks after so many people have made their new years resolutions, the questions they begin to ask themselves start getting worse and worse.

For too many people, they start with these grand ideas of who they want to become, what they want to do, and what they are going to experience.

They do well for a few weeks and begin to backslide because of priorities, surprises, and life.

And then the questions start to get bad.

“Why can’t I do it? What’s wrong with me? Why did I even start? What was I thinking?”

Because they didn’t achieve 100% of what they were hoping to achieve, they discount the progress they made … and their brain registers the entire event as a failure.

Asking “Where have you already improved in 2022?”, as we did in the community this week, helps your brain register the success you are already having, the growth that is currently happening, and helps you feel the positive emotions that you have earned through the effort you’ve put in already.

It’s difficult to grow anything if the only time that you acknowledge the growth is when it’s time to harvest.

The more you can see your progress and validate the effort that you’ve been making (even, and especially if it falls short of your original expectation) the easier it will be to keep improving, set new expectations, and most of all allow yourself to feel good instead of guilty.

Where have you already improved?

It might be more than you’ve allowed yourself to realize.