In the last month, what’s a positive habit you’ve successfully applied?

family making breakfast together

Neuroscientists say that 95 percent of our daily life is run by our subconscious.

Which means, the vast majority of our daily decisions and actions are habitual.

So why do habits get such a bad rap?

We are told to break habits, create new habits, and even to kick habits to the curb.

And, the whole time, our poor old habits are still just doing the work of running our day to day lives, without even getting any credit for doing it.

Now obviously our habits don't have feelings.

But we do.

And, when the constant messaging is about what is wrong or missing in our habits, we can easily start throwing out the baby with the bathwater - kicking good habits to the curb without even knowing it.

Which is why focusing on the positive habits that have helped us do, be, and achieve those things in life that are important to us is so necessary.

Simple habits like a morning routine set us up for success.

Habitual interactions keep relationships in tact and allow us to check in on each other.

And, well-earned habits of hard work, determination, and resilience keep us moving forward even when it feels like we are moving in the opposite direction.

So, with this weeks question, take little time and see if you can identify the habits that are helping you.

If those habits are running 95% of the show, they can't be all bad.

Because we aren't all bad either.