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Free Webinar for Leaders:
The Hidden Disconnection

Wednesday, August 7th at 12:00 PM, MT

Join Brian Fretwell for a free, 1-hour live and interactive event geared toward leaders to review why members of your team, department, or organization don't feel heard (even though you are listening) and what to do about it.

Free Download:
Ask Better Questions

The average person has 27 conversations a day -- why not be intentional with one of them?

Get Clarity Before Comments to stop doing and 2 simple ways to start building shared clarity today!

Free Community:
Practice Your Questions

Start your week off with connection and clarity and find the motivation and confidence you need to tackle your week...while helping others do the same.

Not only will you meet other people that value connection, you'll also start the week off getting the connection your brain needs to think clearly.

Each Monday, bring the challenges and goals you're working on, and a healthy dose of curiosity for others, and you'll leave with insights and perspective on those goals that only connection allows.

After a discussion of the topic of the week (generally neuroscience focused) you'll get the opportunity to partner with someone else and practice what we call "Clarity Before Strategy."

We'll give you the questions to ask, and you'll experience what happens when we talk about goals and challenges with less SOFA and more Connection.

It's a bit of networking, a bit of motivation, a touch of goal setting, and big dose of what we call Transformational Listening that won't just transform your conversations, it will transform the way you see yourself.

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