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Discover your ability to inspire, influence, and drive positive change with the science of connection and the power of story.

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We're on a mission to build a more connected world, and we need your help. These FREE downloads can help you start leveraging the power of connection in your world.

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The Connection Challenge

The Weekly Connection Challenge is a FREE opportunity.

Finding Good holds live, weekly sessions with a Finding Good Expert. Sessions introduce new activities each week and provide time to practice and ask questions.

The challenge is supplemented with worksheets for you use with others.

Get the Basics

Get access to the Finding Good "Basics" workshop to learn the basic framework of Finding Good, join weekly Story Exchange sessions, and engage with a supportive community.

Join the Basics and get access to expanded resources, live sessions to learn and practice new skills, and a community of like minded individuals.

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Be there for the Experience

These 2-day workshops re-energizes your connection practices through conversation and the Finding Good framework. By the end, you will have develop your own unique success map and have an improved ability to connect with others at work, at home, and in your community.

Earn a Certification in Finding Good

Become the agent of change your clients, teams, and communities desperately need.

Our certificate program is an individualized experience working with experts to develop your unique influence abilities and design customized connection strategies that will give you the edge in a disconnected world.

Certifications are available to individuals as well as business teams.

Earn a Certificate

See Brian in Action

Discover why Brian’s TEDx Talk has more than 2.5 million views and his TikTok videos have sparked millions of conversations across the world.

Keynote Speaking + Workshops

Whether it's a keynote for 10,000 people or a two day workshop for a team of twenty, we'll help you create the best experience possible.

Finding Good Keynotes and Transformational Listening workshops are much more than great information and entertaining delivery, they are transformative events that will change the way your team sees each other, and themselves.

From one hour keynotes, to half-day workshops, and multi-day customized events, our team is ready to work directly with you to plan, prepare, and deliver the best experience possible.