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Finding Good Keynotes and workshops are much more than great information and entertaining delivery, they are transformative events that will change the way your team sees each other, and themselves. 

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The In-Demand Keynotes

The simple structure to create connection, validation, and understanding at work, home, and beyond.

These inspiring and actionable keynotes will not only give your audience tools for battling burnout, disengagement and distrust, they'll open each person's eyes to their potential for building cultures of connection where it matters most.


Building Cultures of Connection


In this keynote, Brian addresses his approach to reduce the burnout, disengagement, and disconnection that plagues organizations by changing our conversations.

"Building Cultures of Connection" is a one hour experience that will revolutionize the way you listen, validate, and support each other.

In this keynote, you’ll learn the simple Question Based Conversation Structure for transforming the way you and your community engage with others.


  • How to make conversations meaningful
  • How to ask the “right” questions to engage and connect
  • How to get out of a validation vacuum and start creating trust
  • How to practice questions so you’ll have the tools when you need them the most

Experience, Values & Accountability


Brian helps teachers, administrators, and staff rebuild the sense of community and connectedness that all schools are struggling to create.

This one hour experience will revolutionize the way you listen, validate, and support not only the kids, but each other, increasing engagement and resilience through the school.

And, by learning to teach kids how to use the tools as well, your entire school will be equipped to help everyone feel as though they belong.


  • How to ask the “right” questions to engage and connect
  • How to get out of a validation vacuum and start creating trust
  • How to practice questions so you’ll have the tools when you need them the most

What Others Are Saying About Brian's Talks

"Everything Brian says is my gospel belief. I've been in education for 40 years, and I know that when teachers build relationships with the kids, it works. What Brian provides is the reason why it works, the academic background and research that reinforces the practices for creating relationships.

Finding Good gives people the tools to build relationships in a positive manner. And this isn't just for school, it applies in our personal life, too. We’re shifting conversations to have more positive dialogue and it helps people to open up more."

Randy Jensen
Superintendent, American Falls School District

See Brian in Action

Discover why Brian’s Tedx Talk has more than 2.5  million views and his TikTok videos have sparked millions of conversations across the world..

Brian's Background

About Brian—Founder of Finding Good, Speaker, Teacher

Brian believes that smarter questions (and responses) can improve conversations, relationships, and how people feel about themselves. 

His proprietary conversation process of uncommon questions provides critical validation that is often missed in our relationships. His question process builds trust around tough issues, makes important conversations more productive, and helps others feel truly valued. 

While most speakers are focused on being thought leaders in their area of expertise, Brian Fretwell is an application leader. He’s passionate about creating easy-to-implement tools that people can use right away, whether or not they learn the science behind them. As the Founder of Finding Good, he works daily with his team to build and share these tools.

As a natural, compelling, and engaging storyteller and published author, Brian has created and shared:

  • Keynotes from Istanbul to Perth (and everywhere in between)
  • TEDx Talk that has generated over 2.4 million views
  • TikTok videos that are viewed by millions monthly

He lives in Boise with his wife Jamie, a Transpersonal Counselor. When not creating content to help people grow and connect, they spend their time taking walks, playing with their dogs Hank and Daisy, and experimenting with positive behavior.

Improve the relationships that matter most by flipping the switch on creating deeper conversations. And having a great time while doing it.

With an intentional question structure that you can learn and practice in just a few minutes, you can permanently disrupt routine and superficial exchanges of "How was your day?" and "How's it going?" and replace them with conversations that matter. Because meaningful conversations are less about swapping good stories and more about creating great connections that foster trust and validation.

Finding Good Keynotes can be delivered virtually or in person and participant materials are included. Want more information on booking this talk for your group? Reach out below.

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