The Basics

A self-paced course giving you the tools to get the clarity you didn't know you were missing and the connection you need for effective conversations.

Learn The Basics

A self-paced,
digital course.

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Too many people struggle to help others with problems, challenges or goals, never realizing how much disconnection prevents them from being on the same page.

That's where The Basics comes in.

Discover What You're Missing in Conversation

The Basics provides the foundation to connect in the way humans were designed to communicate. This natural connection disarms your defenses and enables you to show up as your authentic self and support others to do the same.

This course will introduce you to the Success Map, a step-by-step process to help build the clarity, validation, and understanding needed for people to effectively work together.

The Basics is our introductory, self-paced course that you're likely going to watch a few times. It is a jumping off point for beginning to build, or refine, your connection practice. We can't wait to take the leap with you.

Approach conversations differently

by reframing what you are seeking.

Seek clarity before solutions

to avoid draining your energy on solutions that don't work.

Provide the safety needed to connect

and hold effective conversations.


What's in The Basics and what do you get at the end of it?

  • Short, digestible recorded lessons from Finding Good Founder, Brian Fretwell. 
  • Activities and worksheets for you to implement on your own or in your community.
  • Infographics for you to use as tools and visual reminders.
  • Quizzes to help you review and asses your connection practice.
  • Unlimited access to the Finding Good community platform and users just like you discussing their daily practices.

At the end of the course, you'll have developed impactful habits for establishing connections that will give you enough of a start to be dangerously effective at Finding Good in your communities.

Who is taking The Basics?

Anyone and everyone looking to be more true to themselves at home as parents or partners and at work as team members or leaders. If you are seeking safety in relationships to increase connection and effectiveness, this course will guide and reframe your daily practice in any conversation.

People are using Finding Good tools in their every day life.

family making breakfast together

Families are using it at the dinner table to ask more than 'How was your day?'


Partners are using it to validate each other's efforts and connect on their values.

Teachers are helping students communicate challenges

Teachers are getting students to talk more and learning new ways to support them.


Leaders are changing meeting strategies and finding shared successes.

Build Your Connection Practice, Improve Your Health

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Our Brains need connection like they need food and water. In fact, disconnection and loneliness are one of the biggest health issues in the world.

By learning to approach connection like a practice (similar to working out or meditation) you can give your brain what it needs in improve both your mental and physical health.

Ask the Questions
Find the Story
Create Mutual Value