Transformational Listening:
The Basics

What we miss in conversations about
problems, goals, and challenges
and how to find it together. 

Have you ever given some of your best advice but felt disappointed that it wasn't followed?

Have you ever shared valuable feedback only to have it met with defensiveness?

Has a conversation ever become intense, when all you were doing was trying to be helpful?

When you learn to build trust, clarity, understanding, and credibility FIRST, EVERYTHING BECOMES EASIER!!


Two options to get started:

Self-Guided Program:
  • 2 Hours of Instructional Video to watch at your own speed
  • Step-by-step guidance for
    Success Mapping, Getting Permission, Five Universal Questions
  • Finding Good Community Access

Registration always open and start whenever you want.

Certification Program:
Level 1

  • Includes All Self-Study Materials
  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions with Brian Fretwell:
    • Apply your learning in real-time.
    • Practice and share successes with other leaders.
    • Build action plans for your specific challenges.
    • Get your individual questions answered.
  • Get access to monthly refreshers

Registration ends June 7th.

How we've been taught to help... isn't helping.

Too many people struggle to help others reach goals, overcome challenges, or solve problems because they have been taught HOW to listen, and not what to listen FOR.

In fact, 60% - 70% of people feel misunderstood or ignored in conversations about important issues.

of people feel misunderstood

Whether you've been asked to help or you’re trying to offer support,

The Basics will teach you what to listen for and how to respond effectively.

What We Miss Comes at a Cost

Leaders: Misunderstood goals lead to decreased team performance and low morale.

Salespeople: Missing key client concerns can extend the sales cycle and reduce conversions.

Coaches and Teachers: Not fully hearing a client’s struggles can hinder their results and your effectiveness.

From above of concentrated man in casual clothes and eyeglasses sitting on windowsill and talking to female colleague about business project in office

It's NOT because we don't
listen, care, or have good advice.

It IS because we've been taught
to solve problems the hard way!


What can you do with what you learn?


  • Give feedback more confidently and effectively
  • Understand the challenge your client, co-worker, lead, direct report, partner, or child is really facing so you can help them solve it faster
  • Close sales faster because you genuinely know what your potential client is seeking
  • Build rapport with your direct reports because they will feel heard
  • Support your clients' goals much more efficiently because you are clearer on what why are seeking
  • Leave conversations feeling energized instead of drained
  • Reduce the back and forth on figuring things out - build that clarity from the start



What happens if you don’t change how you listen?

Missed Connections: Surface-level interactions leave you feeling disconnected.

Ineffective Leadership: Struggle to inspire and unite your team.

Stalled Sales: Lose potential clients who don’t feel understood.

Strained Relationships: Feel distant from those you care about.

Unsolved Problems: Miscommunications lead to unresolved issues.


Ready to change your world with Transformational Listening?



The Basics Will Help You Build

  • Confidence to navigate foundational conversations with peers, direct reports, (potential) clients, and more
  • Clarity when you explore problems and solutions with others
  • Understanding of how connection works and the most effective way to build it
  • Efficient and effective approaches to problem solving
Self-Guided Program:

Take the course at your own speed and participate in community discussion.



Certification Program:

Self-paced with 3 group coaching sessions & community of support to practice application.



We don't need more problem-solving heroes.
We need better listeners.

The Science Behind Connection

At Finding Good, our program isn't just about teaching techniques—it's about understanding the science behind human connection. Founded by Brian Fretwell, our curriculum is rooted in neuroscience, offering insights into how our brains naturally seek connection with others.

The Cost of Inauthenticity

Leaders and sales professionals face significant challenges when trust and credibility are lacking in their interactions. According to research, building credibility is a complex and time-consuming process, with only 13% of customers believing a salesperson can understand their needs. In today's competitive landscape, the cost of missed opportunities due to a lack of trust and credibility can be staggering.

The Power of Trust and Credibility

On the flip side, leaders and salespeople who excel in building trust and credibility enjoy substantial benefits. Studies show that trusted leaders are more effective in driving employee engagement, while salespeople who establish credibility early in the sales process are more likely to close deals successfully.

Invest in Your Success

The Finding Good Basics Program isn't just an investment in your skills—it's an investment in your success. With a comprehensive curriculum, live community sessions, and ongoing support, you'll gain the confidence and competence needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Start Your Journey Today

Join us in reshaping the way leaders and sales professionals approach communication, relationships, and success. With the Finding Good Basics Program, you're not just learning—you're leading the way towards a future of authentic connection and meaningful impact.

Learn the 

Our program is grounded in the neuroscience of connection, offering practical techniques that feel natural and yield powerful results.

Apply the Framework

Learn a structured five-step framework and universal questions proven to deepen understanding, foster empathy, and build lasting rapport.

Engage the Community

Engage in live sessions to practice your skills, connect with peers, and receive personalized guidance from industry experts.

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