The Experience

Reset, Recharge, Reconnect.

For too many people
helping others means losing themselves.

You work hard to be an active and productive member of your community...

but you can't escape feeling like you're always on your own.


You spend your days trying to help, encourage, and inspire others...

but you quietly struggle to maintain your own internal fire.


Regardless of how much you do, it never feels like you're doing enough...

and you know deep down that it's beginning to be too much.


Find the energy and inspiration you need
when you reclaim the connection you lost.

We Invite You to The Experience

The Experience in Boise, Idaho

Monday, June 10 &
Tuesday, June 11

A transformational journey designed to help you tap into the benefits of authentic, meaningful, and life changing human connection.

Come discover the connection you didn't know you were missing. Leave with an ability to connect in a way you wouldn't have believed possible.


I had no idea what I was missing. 

I was doing everything I could to make a positive impact on my community. I wrote a book, delivered a TEDx, had a successful consulting practice, and worked hard to be a good husband.

But it seemed like the more I did, the less I felt like I was truly making a difference. Eventually, the level of burnout caught up with me, and in the midst of the pandemic, I gave up everything to figure out what was wrong.

Hundreds of experiments, thousands of questions, and years of research later, I discovered not only what I was missing, but that many others were feeling disconnected too.

I built the Experience to help others find the connection that, just like me, they didn't know they were missing so they can regain the energy, clarity, and inspiration they deserve.

Brian Fretwell, Founder of Finding Good

What others are saying

"I've known for a very long time I don't have to do it alone and I know that I don't want to do it alone. But this experience has solidified that I CAN'T do it alone. I cannot be the woman I want to be without community."

Kimberly Henderson PHD | Senior Lecturer, Boise State University

"I have been studying connection for the last 20 years. I have gotten pretty good at it. THIS stuff is a complete game changer. I am using it almost daily and very intentionally with my clients to great success. I also get so much value out of conversations with others that I am seeing a change in myself! This stuff is changing the way I am connecting in a very positive manner."

Geoff McLachlan | Professional Speaker and Consultant, Professionals at Play

"The impact of Finding Good extends far beyond the realm of my photography business. Implementing what I've learned has created deeper connections and purpose with my clients, strengthening the relationships within their families. What surprised me the most was the ripple effect it had on my personal relationships and family dynamics.

Learning the art of asking purposeful questions has become an invaluable skill that I am committed to implementing for a lifetime. It's a simple truth – when we ask more valuable questions, we receive more valuable answers. Brian Fretwell and Finding Good have not only enhanced my professional abilities but have also left an indelible mark on the way I navigate and cherish the relationships in my life. I am immensely grateful for this transformative journey."

Jeannine Pohl | Entrepreneur and Portrait Artist, Block Studios

The Connection You Need to Reconnect Your Community

The Experience is designed to help you discover a level of connectedness that you never knew you were missing while developing the skills needed to strengthen connections with others.

Part intensive, interactive workshop and part invigorating and inspiring retreat, The Experience will help you build a degree of clarity, confidence, and connectedness that too many people are missing in our disconnected world.

  • By anchoring yourself in your own Regenerative Question, you'll explore our exclusive 4-step framework of 'Finding Good,' leading to a profound sense of value and purpose.
  • Build deep connections with others faster than you ever thought possible through connection-driven activities.
  • Develop your own Unique Connection Map utilizing the Finding Good Framework.

In two days, you'll not only improve your ability to connect with others, but you'll lave with a renewed sense of connection with yourself.

Armed with new skills, increased energy, and improved focus, you'll return home ready to engage, inspire, and lead your community.

Outline & Agenda 

Discovery and Curiosity.

Day one starts with an individual connection assessment that will help you identify your level of connectedness and what you're already doing well.

We'll explore our ability to find our own inspiration and motivation in the stories of others through the "Netflix Effect."

You'll discover and develop your own Regenerative Question by looking at your goals and plans through the lens of curiosity.

We'll wrap up the first day with activities designed to expand our understanding of what "Good" can look like in our lives and how we're designed to find it through Connection.

The Map and The Magic.

The Second Day is full of conversation and full of surprises.

You'll practice the art of "finding yourself in the story" and learn how understanding the Four Levels of Value can focus your conversations and make asking quality questions much more natural.

You'll work through the Connection Map with other participants finding increasingly more profound levels of insight and relatedness with people you may have just met.

We'll conclude the program with the biggest and most valuable surprise of all...a life changing discovery you can only experience.