There’s Something Missing in Your Experiences

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There's Something Missing in Your Experiences

All of them.

Now, if you don't want to know what you're missing, I suggest you stop reading now.

But, for each and everyone of us, our brains are playing a really bad trick on us.

Our brains have adapted for survival over the course of human history. Some of those adaptations really helped us climb to the top of the proverbial food chain. For instance, we developed a really big (about the size of a credit card) prefrontal cortex. This gives us our complex reasoning skills, amongst other things, and helps us make stuff.

At the same time, however, our brain made some survival adaptations that can make things harder today.

Not too long ago, historically speaking, we had to run from things like bears, tigers, and snakes. Now, while we still do today, few people are likely having that as a daily experience.

The problem with having to do that for millions of years, is that our brain looks for and remembers threats and bad stuff five to ten times more than it looks for the good stuff.

This means in our daily experiences, our brains don’t see the complete picture.

You can have five conversations. If four of them are good and one of them are bad, guess which one you remember.

You can have a great vacation, then have a really bad flight home, and when you tell your friends about your vacation, you spend more time talking about the flight than the good times you had.

The same thing happens at home, at work, and even on date night.

Unless we consciously do something about it, all of our experiences are missing something, and through this brain design it leaves us feeling like things are worse than they really are.

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