In the last month, what value did you give the most attention to?

A question about value.

Value is one of those funny words that have multiple meanings.

In the design of this question, the term value is used to describe those ideals that we try to live up to. Knowing where our actions align with those values, and perhaps where they don’t, is a constant and important process for staying focused, motivated, and purposeful in whatever we do.

In the application of the question, however, value is about how useful the question can be to us. Knowing how to use the question to get beyond the immediate answers and dive into a clearer picture of how our actions align to our value increases the value of the question itself.

Sorry, that’s a bit heady.

More simply put, the better you use the question, more focus and motivation you can get from it.

We’ve found through our practice sessions, a simple way of getting more out of the questions is treating the conversation like a game.

The rules of the game, as they are in our practice sessions, includes five basic rules.

  1. Agree to explore the question with another person for a predetermined amount of time.
  2. The person asking the question can only ask questions for their time. 
  3. Focus on finding something good (focus on the positive…there is not shortage of negative discussions in our lives)
  4. Avoid giving Suggestions, Opinion, Feedback, or Advice (SOFA)
  5. Reflect back what you heard when you finish.

That’s it!

You don’t have to wait for the right time to ask the questions and you don’t have to worry about having some deep and powerful insight either.

The only thing you need is another person willing to play a short game with you.

Make it fun and easy and you’ll find that you can get a lot more value out of this question about value.