What was the most meaningful thing you did in the last year?

Don’t leave it behind. 

Most people search for years fruitlessly for it.

Explore every nook and cranny trying to discover it.

People think they’ve found it, only to lose it.

And others believe they need it to live, and in fact they might.

But you have it right in front of you, if you really ask the question. Maybe not all of it, but certainly an important piece.

In fact, with this question, “what is the most meaningful thing you did last year?” you’ll be searching in a way that most people don’t, discover what most leave behind, and acknowledge what most people ignore.

Because, in that answer, is your purpose.

You know, that really important thing everyone talks about helping you find. It may not be perfectly clear in the answer, but at the very least a piece of the answer is found in the feeling.

How did that meaningful thing feel? What were you doing and what about it felt so meaningful?

Your purpose is less something you find, and more something you realize the more you pay attention to those things that feel purposeful to you.

So, don’t leave it behind.

It might just be one question away.